Company history

Oztek Corporation was founded in 1997 to provide power system OEMs and other companies the complete power control and instrumentation solutions they needed for less money, risk, and overhead.

Founders John O’Connor and Dave Zendzian started with the belief that by combining expertise in three disciplines – power, instrumentation, and controls – they would enable customers to bring power electronics products and systems to market faster, safer, and for less money.

Today, as a SEMIKRON Affiliate, Oztek is a member of a global network of 35 companies and ten production sites, enabling us to offer our customers the industry’s most advanced and reliable digitally controlled power converter solutions, including standard, semi-custom, and full-custom designs. We have the unique ability to provide power system design  assistance and engineering support with semi-custom design that builds off existing product platforms. The result?  Value-added “custom” solutions at a below-custom price.

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