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Active Front-end or Grid Tie Inverter?

Posted by John O'Connor on Jan 27, 2011 5:58:00 PM

We have the habit here at Oztek of using the term "active front-end" (AFE) and grid tie inverter (GTI) interchangeably.  On more than one occasion discussing our grid tie inverter controller, I’ve caught myself somewhere mid-conversation inadvertently switch to using the term active front-end.  It's of no concern internally, but quite frequently its cause for confusion when speaking with customers.  Earlier this week I received a call from a customer that was pretty certain an AFE would not work in his GTI application.  This got me thinking, "What exactly is the difference between an active front-end and a grid tie inverter?" 

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Topics: Inverter Controller, Wind, Solar, Active Front End, Active Rectifier, Inverters