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What is MESA/SunSpec?

Posted by Dave Zendzian on Mar 31, 2017 1:26:20 PM

Traditionally, grid energy storage systems (ESS) have been one-off solutions, utilizing proprietary software and hardware components.  As such, each installation requires time consuming, custom integration.  Often times proprietary vendor hardware or software protocols require "hacks" to get all components to play nice.  Ultimately this approach results in higher costs, decreased reliability, and limited scalability and upgrade options.

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What is a Power Inverter?

Posted by Dave Zendzian on Aug 6, 2013 10:20:00 AM

A power inverter is an electrical device that converts a direct current (DC) power sourceinto an alternating current (AC)power source. In typical DC/AC power conversion applications, power inverters are used to convert DC power from sources such as batteries, solar panels,  or high voltage DC transmission lines, into consumer AC that’s used to run appliances, tools and other residential and commercial electrical products. Other inverter applications include variable-frequency motor drives (VFD), in which the inverter not only converts from DC to AC power, but also provides control of the AC output voltage and frequency.


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