The sophisticated electrical systems needed to drive tomorrow’s technologies present a unique power control challenge for many applications and industries.  Our proven power control hardware and software solutions are specifically designed to meet the needs of industrial and commercial power electronics manufacturers, today and tomorrow – reliably, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

Our wide range of advanced, digital controller products are all made in the USA to the very highest quality standards. You’ll find our power control products in use around the world, in everything from wind and solar energy systems to transportation and industrial manufacturing equipment.

Supplying remarkably effective power conversion solutions to the OEM power electronics industry

Power electronics design is a complex and demanding discipline that can quickly drain time, resources, and money from companies attempting to do it in-house to save money or increase efficiency. There is often a steep technology learning curve as well as capital expense and staffing challenges that can delay product development and market introduction. For almost two decades, our clients have come to depend upon us to supply them with proven, reliable power control and power conversion components and subsystems for a wide range of industries and applications. From intelligent power modules and subsystems to complete, turn-key power control systems, we’re the one source for all your power control and instrumentation needs.  

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