Custom OEM Capabilities

For power electronics OEMs with unique or challenging needs, we offer a wide variety of cost-efficient custom solutions based on our reliable, proven, standard platforms to deliver customized controls as well as complete power solutions at a less-than-custom price. By simply modifying interface hardware, control algorithms, and/or communication protocols, we can provide a power electronics solution perfectly matched to your specific requirement. Why struggle with trying to build your own custom power system? We can provide the best possible solution faster and more cost-effectively than a “from scratch” design.

Motor Drives

We can provide semi-custom motor drive controllers for a wide range of unique and demanding applications, such as hybrid vehicle traction and mobile HVAC control.

Inverter Controllers

Our semi-custom inverter controllers are ideal for a variety of complex applications, such as specialty PMSM generator control and GTI/PMSM combo controllers.

DC/DC Converters

We can provide cost-efficient, semi-custom controller solutions for virtually any unique DC/DC requirement, such as multilevel boost controllers for solar PV applications and bi-directional DC/DC converters. 

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