• 100kW, 480VAC 3-phase Active Front-End
  •  Low current distortion—IEEE 519 compliant
  •  Unity power factor
  •  Regulated DC link voltage with source/sink load capability
  •  Compact, open-frame construction
  •  Optimized grid interface filter
  •  Includes switchgear and cooling fans
  •  -40 to +45°C operation
  •  Easy setup via serial port with included Oztek Power StudioTM configuration tool 

OZip-AFE provides a complete Active Front End (AFE) solution for OEMs.  Built upon Oztek’s OZip-R1230H Intelligent Power Module, the compact, open frame system includes power circuitry, controls, grid interface filter, switchgear, cooling fans, bias supply, and control software, ready for integration into your electrical enclosure.  OZip-AFE gets you to market quickly, minimizing development cost and risk, while also being more cost-effective in production volumes.

OZip-AFE provides bidirectional power transfer between an AC power input and an intermediate DC link, while maintaining low distortion, sinusoidal AC line currents.  It operates as a rectifier when transferring power from the AC line to the DC link, and as an inverter in the opposite direction.  

OZip-AFE provides numerous application advantages.  The ability to absorb as well as deliver power eliminates the need for large braking resistor banks in regenerative systems, saving size and cost, reducing waste heat, and improving efficiency.  The inherently low current harmonic distortion meets IEEE 519 specifications.  Power factor defaults to unity, but reactive current levels can also be programmed to offset non-unity power factor from other loads.  The DC link voltage is boosted and regulated, greatly reducing end-equipment sensitivity to line voltage variations.


DC Link Voltage (Operating)

850V Max

Maximum continuous phase current

120 ARMS

Maximum transient load current     

240 ARMS

DC Output Continuous Current Capacity

45°C Ambient, VDC=800V

55°C Ambient, VDC=800V


+/- 125ADC

+/- 80ADC

Outline Dimensions

868mm x 715mm x 257mm

Power Terminals

Compression, AWG 1/0-4

Control Connector

Pluggable terminal block, AWG 18-26

Operating Temperature

Rated Capacity

Reduced Capacity


-40°C to 45°C

-40°C to 55°C

Mechanical Outline



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