OZpcs Energy Storage Power Conversion System

OZpcs-RS40 Press Release Image-

The OZpcs-RS40 is a rack mounted, four-quadrant, bi-directional, 3-phase Power Conversion System (PCS), specifically designed for grid tied and micro-grid energy storage applications.  The transformerless design and 2.5U rack mounted form factor allows for easy paralleling, enabling flexible and sophisticated energy storage system architectures.

The inverter is IEEE and UL1741 compliant with configurable Under and Over Voltage, and Frequency Ride Through capability.  Flexible control algorithms allow the system to operate in both grid-tied as well as stand-alone (grid-forming) modes.


  • Configurable for both 3 and 4 wire AC Line Interfaces
  • 208 - 480 VRMS, 50 or 60 Hz
  • 330 - 820 VDC input
  • Transformerless Design


  • Designed to be paralleled for high power applications.
  • Compact 2.5U 19” rack mounted enclosure
  • Interface designed for easy cable routing


  • AC Breaker
  • AC Contactor
  • DC Contactor
  • DC Pre-Charge
  • Variable Speed Forced Air Cooling

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