OZip DC/DC Firmware

The DC/DC application firmware is designed for use with Oztek’s OZip family of Intelligent Power Modules.  Intended for OEM applications, the OZip based DC/DC solution provides high performance and efficiency at a fraction of the cost of a packaged industrial solution.

  • Bi-directional Buck/Boost Topology
  • Low Ripple Interleaved Implementation
  • Current or Voltage Control Modes
  • Pre-charge Control
  • Easy Setup via Serial port with PC based GUI
  • CAN or Modbus RS-485 Interface

The Interleaved Buck/Boost converter is a bi-directional DC to DC converter topology that can be used to convert either a low DC voltage to a higher DC voltage, or vice a versa. 

By interleaving three converter legs with their modulators offset by 120°, the ripple current, and hence ripple voltage seen on the output is significantly reduced, due to the cancellation between phases.  The bi-directional capability of the converter allows it to both source and sink current while regulating the output voltage. 

Power StudioTM

Power StudioTM is a Windows based GUI that can be used to easily configure and control the OZip DC/DC Converter. The tool communicates with the inverter over the CAN or RS-485 serial port and provides a simple, intuitive user interface. Features include:

  • Simple Tabbed Interface
  • Dashboard
  • Configuration
  • Instrumentation     
  • Dashboard for Control and Monitoring
  • Inverter Configuration
  • Edit Configurations
  • Download/Upload Configurations
  • Archive multiple configuration files
  • Firmware Update Utility
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