OZip Motor Drive Firmware

The Motor Drive application firmware is designed for use with Oztek’s OZip family of Intelligent Power Modules.  Intended for OEM applications, the OZip based motor drive solution provides high performance and efficiency at a fraction of the cost of a general purpose industrial drive.

  • Low Distortion, Sinusoidal Drive Waveforms
  • Supports Multiple Control Interfaces
  • Open Loop V/Hz Control
  • Closed Loop Speed or Torque Control
  • Induction and Permanent Magnet Motor Support
  • Pre-charge and Brake Control
  • CAN or Modbus RS-485 Interface
  • Easy Setup via Serial port with PC based GUI

The drive can be configured for closed loop speed or torque control using Field Oriented Control (FOC) for high performance AC Induction and Permanent Magnet motor applications.  Open loop V/Hz control is also provided for less demanding, low cost, AC Induction motor applications.

A flexible control interface allows for analog, digital and serial interface options.  High voltage DC Link pre-charge control logic, as well as brake control logic are provided for those applications that require them. 

Control Modes



Open Loop V/Hz

Open loop control for AC Induction motors.  This is the simplest mode to configure and can be used to control multiple motors in parallel.

Closed Loop Speed

Encoder based, Field Oriented Control (FOC) for higher precision, more demanding AC Induction as well as Permanent Magnet motor applications.

Closed Loop Torque

Encoder based, Field Oriented Control (FOC) for direct torque control of AC Induction as well as Permanent Magnet motors.


Power StudioTM

Power StudioTM is a Windows based GUI that can be used to easily configure and control the OZip Motor Drive.  The tool communicates with the inverter over the CAN or RS-485 serial port and provides a simple, intuitive user interface.  Features include:

  • Simple Tabbed Interface
  • Dashboard
  • Configuration
  • Instrumentation     
  • Dashboard for Control and Monitoring
  • Inverter Configuration
  • Edit Configurations
  • Download/Upload Configurations
  • Archive multiple configuration files
  • Firmware Update Utility
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