SCR Controllers

Our SCR (thyristor) controllers provide state-of-the-art, digital control of SCR-based power converters -- the industry’s first completely digital SCR control solution. One board controls many different applications – there’s no need to stock different hardware configurations.


All of our SCR-based products are completely configurable using our Power StudioTM Configuration Tool, a Microsoft Windows graphical user interface (GUI) that provides fast, simple product configuration during installation, setup, operation, and trouble shooting.

SCR Firing and Control Board (OZSCR2000)

A state-of-the-art, digitally-controlled SCR firing and control board generating the line-synchronized SCR gate drive signals, with additional advanced features and functions that provide closed loop control options, eliminating the need for external hardware and system complexity.

DC Input Bias Power SCR Firing and Control Board (OZSCR2100)

The OZSCR2100 is the same as our standard OZSCR2000 digitally-controlled SCR firing and control board except it operates off of 18V-32VDC input bias power instead of universal AC.

Note:  The OZSCR2x00 family replace the 1st generation OZSCR1000 and OZSCR1100 products.  In addition to being direct, drop in replacements for the 1st generation boards, the OZSCR2x00 family also provide the following new features:

  • S/W selectable Direct Cathode or Low Voltage Line synch inputs
  • S/W configurable Programmable Gain Amplifier (PGA) for Line Sense
  • S/W configurable Programmable Gain Amplifier (PGA) for DC Voltage Sense 

SCR Controller Cables and Accessories

SCR accessory kits help you quickly get started building an OZSCR1(2)x00 based power converter.  The Evaluation Kit includes individual cables for each control board interface, as well as a USB to RS-485 serial interface converter, enabling you to have an OZSCR1(2)000-based converter up and running in minutes instead of days.

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