OZSCR2100 SCR Firing Board

The OZSCR2100 is a derivative of Oztek's standard OZSCR2000 digitally controlled SCR firing and control board with the following difference:

  • DC Input Bias Power: The OZSCR2100 operates off of 18V-32VDC input bias power as opposed to universal AC.


In addition to generating the line synchronized SCR gate drive signals, the OZSCR2100 incorporates advanced features and functions that provide closed loop control options, eliminating the need for external hardware and system complexity.

Configuration and operating parameters can easily be changed in the field using the RS485 Modbus interface and supplied Graphical User Interface (GUI).  Systems operating from AC mains voltages up to 1000VAC are supported using the integrated, transformer isolated, “picket fence” firing circuitry.  Dedicated high voltage and current measurement interfaces are provided to implement closed loop digital control of both current and voltage.

The single board OZSCR2100 has been designed to address numerous SCR power system challenges, allowing fast and economical product development.  With the ability to configure every system parameter, implementation possibilities are endless.  Pre-designed control algorithms can quickly be selected using a PC based GUI.  A Digital PLL synchronizes to the AC line voltage, and can quickly report and respond to abnormal line conditions.  Intelligent fault handling minimizes down time and protects the system from damage.  Field updates are fast and easy using the RS485 boot loader.  For complex systems requiring control of more than six SCRs multiple OZSCR2100 boards can easily be combined using the expansion interface.

Key features

  • Direct, Drop-in Replacement for OZSCR1100
  • 100% Software Configurable over Serial Port
  • Integrated Closed Loop Voltage & Current Feedback
  • 110-1000 VAC, 10-500 Hz Line Interface
  • Field Scalable 0-10V & 0-20mA Control Interface
  • S/W selectable Direct Cathode or Low Voltage Line synch inputs
  • S/W configurable Programmable Gain Amplifier (PGA) for Line Sense
  • S/W configurable Programmable Gain Amplifier (PGA) for DC Voltage Sense
  • Modbus RTU RS485 Digital Control Interface
  • Digital Phase Locked Loop (PLL)
  • Zero Cross/Phase Angle/Burst Control Modes
  • Soft Start/Stop, Fast Inhibit
  • Free Windows Configuration GUI
  • Cathode Line Synch as well as Low Voltage AC Line Synch Inputs
  • 18-32VDC Input Power 

Typical Applications

  • Single Phase AC Switch
  • Single Phase Rectifiers
  • Independent AC Switches
  • 3 Phase AC Switch
  • 6 Pulse Rectifier
  • 4 Quadrant rectifiers
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