OZSCR2x00 Firmware Release Notes

These are the release notes for the OZSCR2000 and OZSCR2100 firmware image, SW90217.  Click on the links below to view the features and bug fixes incorporated into each release.

To download the most recent firmware, please visit our Downloads page. Please refer to your product documentation or User's Manual for instructions on how to upgrade or install the firmware on an OZSCR2000 or OZSCR2100 control board.

Release 1.3, Release Date: 8/24/2016
Release 1.4, Release Date: 4/03/2017 Release 1.5, Release Date: 5/30/2017 Release 1.6, Release Date: 7/26/2017 Release 1.7, Release Date: 1/24/2018 Release 1.8, Release Date: 3/21/2018 Release 1.9, Release Date: 3/29/2018 Release 1.10, Release Date: 9/24/2018 Release 1.11, Release Date: 11/13/2019