Whitepapers / Application Notes

 White Papers

"A DSP Based Digitally Controlled Interleaved PFC Converter"Choudhury, S., Noon, J.P., Applied Power Electronics Conference and Exposition (APEC), 2005.

"Construction, testing and verification of a brushless excitation system with wireless control of the field current in a synchronous generator." Larsson, R., Andersson, K., Uppsala University.


Application Notes

AN-0001 "Effects of Cabling Length on SCR Drive Waveform", Jay Goodell, Dave Zendzian.

AN-0002 "Back to Back OZip DC/DC Boost-Buck Operation", John Moisan, Dave Zendzian.

AN-0003 "OZpcs-RS40 Seamless Transfer System Configuration", Dave Zendzian, Adam Hodgdon.

AN-0004 "Considerations For Operating Multiple OzPCS-RS40 In Parallel", Dave Zendzian

AN-0005 "OZpcs-RS40 Real-Time Clock Application Considerations", Dave Zendzian

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